Albuquerque Street Art & Graffiti

Albuquerque is known for the beauty its natural environment brings the city’s population, whether its flourishing from the Sandia Mountains or the breathtaking sunsets. Growing up in Albuquerque I have found beauty within the city where most people tend not to look. It is everywhere. It covers the backs of stop signs and is scribbled upon curbs at your local bus stop. It covers the alleyways, ditches, and bridges that you pass on your daily route to work or school. It is slapped on street light poles and hard to reach places that leave you wondering, “How’d they get up there?”. The beauty I have fallen in love with is known as the city art of the common man: Street Art and Graffiti. At first glance these portraits and scribbles on the wall seem low and unclean. These images show the words and stories of the artist unknown who is never heard nor seen. Both Street Art and Graffiti have the reputation of being considered vandalism and in most cases it is. Ultimately, it depends on how the viewer judges what they see. Albuquerque’s Street Art and Graffiti community has grown in the past ten years and continues to rise. The artists and writers that reign from this city have unique style and motives for what they do. The main purpose of this blog is to keep my viewers updated on this growing type of art here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as well as my contribution to this form of art. I am also an aspiring Street Artist and I have been active in this type of art since April 2012. Street Art and Graffiti has allowed me to express myself and explore my creativity. It is an outlet to channel my stress, sorrows, anger, and happiness into something beautiful. I consider myself more of a street artist than a “tagger” or “writer.” I produce various pieces that are made through stencils, slaps(stickers) and wheat paste. The main motive of my art is to produce pieces people can relate to whether it be through heartbreak or looking for some images of hope. From this hobby of mine I have gained some credibility here in town and have been contacted to do several pieces for locals. Some of these pieces include designing stickers for local bands and various stencil prints on canvas. I will continue to update my journey as a Street Artist and how this form of art is steadily growing here in the Duke City.



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