Albuquerque Opens Graffiti Bar & Restaurant

The Grain Station

The Grain Station

On January 23, 2015 Albuquerque opened its doors to its very first graffiti bar and restaurant. Known as “The Grain Station”, this local bar and restaurant is the first of its kind to be established here in the Duke City. The Grain Station is located on 2000 Central Avenue across the street from the University of New Mexico (Main Campus) and next door to the LA Underground paint shop. This bar and restaurant has an exclusive menu that offers: brats, burgers, Philly cheesesteak, and German inspired currywurst, cakes, coffee and soups. The bar is fully loaded with various beers on tap from local brewing companies such as Santa Fe brewing Co, Tractor Brewing Co, and Marble Brewing Co. What makes this bar and restaurant so unique from any other food venue in town is its atmosphere. You will walk in and be impressed with its décor. It screams graffiti and street art. Its walls are decorated with large scale pieces composed from local artists here in town. Each table within the facility is handcrafted and composed of Plexiglas tops. Underneath these table tops are used graffiti spray paint cans and tips. Lining the tops of the walls, running from corner to corner are spray paint cans dating back to the 1980’s. The Grain Station also highlights hip-hop culture displaying old tape decks and boom boxes. Ultimately I love the atmosphere this local bar offers to its community. It has a tasteful environment and a great sense of identity. Even though I admire every aspect of the facility’s elements linking to graffiti my favorite feature is not the tables or spray cans. This may sound weird but it is the bathroom. Whenever I walk into a restaurant, pub or bar (particularly in the downtown/campus area) I go to the bathroom first to check out possible traces of graffiti. Usually you find slaps (stickers) in the majority of bathrooms accompanied with the usual throw ups of tags scribbled on the bathroom walls and stalls. This is where I find the inner beauty of The Grain Station. Stickers and tags cover every edge of the bathroom wall. By observing these local tags and stickers it allows me to admire fellow artists and gives me time to throw up a few of my own. Overall I rate The Grain Station a 5 out of 5 stars based on its unique menu and its creative environment. I hope to never see this local business close since it is highlighting and communicating knowledge to fellow New Mexicans the beauty of Street Art and Graffiti.


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