How It All Started

wheres the loveMany artists, regardless of the type of art they produce, have had a lifetime of experience in this particular field. The ability to compose paintings of scenic views or detailed sketches come naturally to some people. As for me I had to find my creative side. Growing up I rarely found interest in participating in various types of art. I am considered to be the jock of my siblings. I played various sports as a kid throughout high school consisting of both baseball and football. Still to this day I have a very active lifestyle. It was not until my freshman year in college when I discovered my creative side. Owning a smartphone the social media app that has been trending for the past few years is none other than Instagram. I first started my account by posting pictures of what typical college students would post, pointless images of my crazy weekends. I began to feel as though people saw me a different way and I wanted to change the overall message my account delivered to my audience. I consider this a “selfie” phase in which I would pose in various locations and would title each image with a meaningful quotation or song lyric. Once again I started to feel that people thought I was conceited and this was not the message I wanted to deliver. Then, it finally hit me. One weekend in 2012 I decided to go to the Nob Hill summer fest here in town. Me and a few friends happened to stop at the store known as Urban Outfitters. I rarely went into this store since it is known to be pricey but has good taste in clothing brands. After looking through the overpriced clothes I started going through the book section. I stumbled upon a book titled “The Book of Rebellion”. As I skimmed through the pages I began to become extremely inspired and fascinated with the art styles being presented. It was so easy for me to relate to these images. The artist that stuck out to me the most was the infamous Banksy. His mural entitled “This Is Where I draw The Line,” hit me hard. It portrays the beauty of struggle. I then thought to myself “Hey, I can do something like this.” Since that day I took up the hobby of becoming a street artist. I have composed over 100 stencils, 30 custom canvas’ for local “fans,” and have used over 250 cans of spray paint. Even though we may not be aware of a talent we posses, there is always a moment in our lives in which it becomes exposed and helps aid you through your life trials.


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