How To Maintain Your Facebook Audience

Major brands on Facebook are slowly losing interest from their target audience. As a result users tend to “unlike” or remove the brand from their newsfeed or friend list. According to Advertising Age the top two reasons Facebook users stop following a brand is due to: “it no longer has interest to the consumer” and “the information available was not interesting”. Facebook users in the United States, United Kingdom and France are beginning to unfollow mainstream brands. Users from these areas are also less likely to share a brands status or page, comment on a status or participate in brand events. Some of this may be due to what is known as “brand fatigue,” in which a company produces too much or too little information to its audience. I for one have actually unfollowed a brand within the past week. One day I was just casually scrolling through my likes and stumbled across a brand I no longer consume. I just kept thinking to myself, “why and the world did I like this page?” I began to think I had suffered from brand fatigue and finally got fed up with these annoying posts.  However, the main reason Facebook users are following less brands on social media is due to the lack of genuine interaction. In order to maintain and grow your Facebook audience a brand or company must interact constantly with its audience. Reading the same old statuses about new products and exclusive offers are starting to lose its edge in the eye of its audience. Personally, there are several approaches and changes I would take in order to increase my Facebook audience. One way this can be initiated is by scheduling times to update statuses and share information with your audience. Research what times throughout the day your target audience are online and prepared to interact. For example let’s say you own a major coffee brand and would like to increase the interaction of your followers. If I were in charge of the brands social media page I would upload images and statuses during early hours of the day, since the majority of coffee consumers are early risers. Another approach I would change in order to gain more followers is by administering competitions. Having small competitions and giveaways are a great way to maintain and build interaction with your target audience. This encourages current Facebook users to be more involved with the page. Rewarding a few winners for little effort and no fees will increase the amount of activity on the brands page. These are just a few ways I would attempt to grow my Facebook audience.


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