Twitter: Pros & Cons

The social media app known as “Twitter,” has grown tremendously in the past few years. I personally use Twitter on a regular basis and actually prefer it more than I do Facebook. I started a Twitter account back in 2010 when this social media outlet was on the rise to what it is today. When I first started my account I was not an active user. I rarely tweeted or shared information about myself since I really did not know how to efficiently use my account. I was so used to updating and sharing my status with my Facebook account, attempting to share information or search for friends on Twitter was foreign to me. A few years had past and I slowly started to get a feel for Twitter and how to use it accurately. As of today, I now prefer this social media outlet over Facebook. Here are several reasons why I prefer to use Twitter over my Facebook Account. Reason #1: I feel that composing a tweet is much easier and requires less effort than updating a status on Facebook. A simple tweet takes less than a minute to compose. The way in which the app is set up allows easy access to compose a tweet and shares it instantly. I feel as though updating a Facebook status is more suitable for a desktop setting. Reason #2: It is easy for you to gain more followers. Twitter is enormous. If you are new to Twitter or a small business, Twitter is big enough for you to find a general audience. Reason #3: Twitter requires you to get straight to the point. You are only limited to 140 characters. With this small amount of sharing space you need to be more direct. These are the top three reasons I enjoy using twitter and why It is more appealing to me. Here are some things I dislike about Twitter. The first thing that comes to mind is Twitter is not ideal for sharing visual content. Twitter is primarily based off of text. I am an aspiring artist and I rarely share images on my Twitter account for this reason. Another flaw I feel twitter has is its privacy settings. All of your tweets can be viewed by both followers and those who do not follow you. People can view tweets you composed dating back to the creation of  your account unless you have it set to private. However, having your profile set on private will limit yourself from gaining followers and building up your face value on this social media outlet. These are a few of the pros and cons Twitter offers to its users.


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