Whats The Difference?

This week I am going to take a different point of view on Albuquerque Street Art and Graffiti. Many of my family and friends have asked me what I consider myself to be, either a tagger or street artist. Often time’s people get these two mediums of art confused with one another. It is not easy to explain the difference between these two styles of art so I have devoted this blog post to explain their differences. Both of these art styles are considered to be rebellious art movements being portrayed within the public walls and cracks of the city. Whenever I take my routine walks through random ditches of the city, the pieces I view speak to me. It has been said that graffiti artists do not attempt to speak to the public. Generally they try to speak to other artists. I somewhat disagree with this in a sense that anyone can find meaning through graffiti and street art. From my point of view, as an aspiring street artist, I want everyone to view and be engaged through the work I produce. Both Graffiti and Street art have several differences through their techniques, function and intentions. According to dictionary.com graffiti is defined as, “writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place.” This now breaks down into a sub category of graffiti known as “tagging.” Tagging is when an artist’s sprays or scribes their name onto a wall. This can also be done with paint markers and brushes. From what I have learned through personal experience and observation, an artist tag is considered to be the core of graffiti. Throwing up your tag name all over town is how people will identify who you are and what you do. As for me I primarily consider myself to be a street artist rather than a tagger or writer. To me the main difference between a street artist and a graffiti writer/tagger is the overall intention of the artist. Graffiti in general has built a bad reputation being categorized as vandalizing and destructive to public property. Being called a street artist relieves the bad vibes given to that individual from the public. Becoming a street artist, I not only want the public to view my art but to truly understand what is being portrayed. Street artists want their audience to interact with their work and to have an emotional response. These are just some of the differences I have observed through my journey as a street artist here in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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