San Diego Gets a Taste of The 505

This past week I had the privilege to travel to the wonderful city of San Diego, California. The main purpose of this trip was for vacation, which usually means I have the opportunity to venture off into the city and get to work. Usually when I travel out of town I tend to prep what I will be taking with me whether it be spray paint, markers, stickers, wheat paste or stencils. Since I spent a total of four days in San Diego, I made sure to cut out more than enough stickers for this trip. I have over ten different styles of slaps (stickers) that I throw up all over town. I spent a total of twelve hours pressing and cutting my stickers for this trip. Even though I have a love/hate relationship with this process it was well worth the hard labor. I was excited to go to San Diego because the first time I had gone, I was still in the process of finding who I was as an artist. I ended up staying in a very nice hotel near seaport village where tons of tourist from around the globe travel to stroll along the bay area. Within this small area of the city there where what I like to call “gold mines,” which are ideal areas to post stickers and tags. These spots consisted of old phone booths, power boxes, street lights, stop signs and trash cans. Many of these spots had been filled with artist both local and foreign. I made sure to acquire any spot available with my artwork. Day two in Dan Diego I stumbled upon an ideal spot of graffiti and street art. I was taking a casual walk down the bay and came across a cement picnic area near the edge of the water. I walked around to the rocks surrounding this area and underneath I hit the jackpot. Tags covered every inch of the wall underneath this small area of the bay. I immediately went to work and threw up my own tags. I had never stumbled upon such a beautiful spot before. Usually, most graffiti tags and throw ups are within the city covering alley ways. This unique spot was right on the edge of Coronado beach. It gave a whole new meaning to what this type of art is and how artist push boundaries to allow the surrounding environment influence their scribbled messages. While in San Diego I arrived with 326 stickers and returned with 207. I represented the Duke City and made a statement about the type of artist I am and where I came from. I look forward to return to San Diego to see both my old artwork and how I will evolve as an artist.


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