Vans: Social Media Usage

One of my all-time favorite clothing brands is known as Vans. This clothing brand is primarily tailored to those who like to dress with a skateboard style. Better known as “Vans off the wall,” this company specializes in skateboards and shoes. I can honestly say that the majority of my wardrobe, including all of my shoes, are from this company Vans. One reason why this clothing brand is so successful is due to how they portray themselves through their social media accounts. I follow Vans clothing company on the following social media outlets: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube. The way in which I gain insight to potential store sales and promotions is through Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. On my free time I spend the majority of my time scrolling through my Tumblr account and posting images to my blog. I have really enjoyed what the official Vans Tumblr account offers to those who follow them on this social media site. Through this social media outlet I see a different side of the company. The majority of this company’s posts on Tumblr are not in hopes to help promote or increase sales. They post images and stories of the athletes they sponsor as well as post images about skate and art events they host throughout the year. Through these posts I find it easy to connect to this company on different levels. They inspire me to push myself not only in one aspect of my life but in any way possible. So when I wear my Vans off the wall gear I am representing this company and the image they wish to deliver to their audience. Another reason I enjoy following the official Vans account on Tumblr is due to the amount of interaction they have with their followers. For those of you unfamiliar with Tumblr, this site allows you to ask questions to a blogger you are following. Both your question and the response from the blog will be posted on the blogs news feed. I find this tool to be very useful and beneficial to the company. This allows the company to have a genuine conversation with its audience providing timely feedback. I honestly cannot point out any flaws this company has when it comes down to how they handle their social media accounts. The company Vans efficiently updates their social media accounts and interacts with their audience constantly. The way in which this company is handling the usage of their social media accounts is effective and delivers a positive message to its intended audience.


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