The Producer of Marketing: Helpful Tips

This week’s web readings and online video clips opened my world to a career in the film industry known as The Producer of Marketing and Distribution. To some individuals in the film industry, the producer of marketing and distribution is just a title for a “social media manager”. I for one, think this is false in that this career in the film industry is entitled to various tasks that are not related to updating a company’s social media account. According to Jon Reiss of Filmmaker Magazine states, “To be a PMD, a person must be involved in all aspects of a film’s distribution and marketing, including audience identification and engagement, creating a distribution and marketing plan, budgeting that plan, creating marketing elements, creating and managing other assets to help promote the film”. The PMD position is entitled to these responsibilities which play a huge role in the outcome of a film’s success. After reading and viewing several web videos regarding the PMD position I have learned several tools and fundamentals I can implement from this career into my daily usage of my social media accounts. One of the main roles of the PMD position I can incorporate into social media work is learning how to successfully identify my target audience. When blogging about a topic you are passionate about it is crucial that your writing is geared towards the audience you wish to address. For example I am an artist and write a blog regarding my life as an artist in the city I currently live in. At first it was hard for me to identify a specific audience in order to have views on my blog. I would ask myself: “Do I want my blog to address all artists in the area where I am from or do I want it to speak to those who only specialize in the style of art I partake in?” Just like filmmakers I did not fully understand how to address my target audience right off the bat. Another key component from the PMD position I can administer into the usage of my social media applications is engaging my audience. In order to promote what I do and increase my audience I must engage in some sort of activity with my followers. I have learned that the PMD position requires audience engagement in order to promote a film. I have actually participated in audience engagement with my audience as an artist. For example I have an Instagram account where the majority of my work is published. Through this social media application followers and fans of my work see what I do on a regular basis. As a result I offer free pieces and samples to followers who show major interest in my work. These are just a few ideas and concepts from the PMD position I can incorporate into my own personal life.


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