Artists Who Influenced My Passion of Street Art & Graffiti

For this week’s blog post I wanted to compose a post in which I talk about the artists who influenced me to become a street artist. Prior to taking up this “hobby” of composing stencils, stickers and wheat pastes, I did not have a favorite artist. I was a little oblivious to famous artists as well as the various types of art that existed. Once I began partaking in stencil making back in 2012 was when my eyes were opened to the composers of the street. I would regularly post my artwork on Twitter and Instagram not thinking much of what I had made would end up being viewed as something special in the eyes of my audience. Eventually, several of my friends and followers on Twitter would comment on my work and would make remarks such as, “You are like the modern day Banksy” or “You are the Albuquerque version of Banksy”. Even though I found these comments to be flattering I had no idea who or what Banksy was. I was then quick to look up whom this Banksy was and why I was being compared to this artist. Once I did my research on who he was I could totally see the resemblance in the work we both produced (However, my work is nowhere near that greatness of his). I am now obsessed with Banksy and the work he has composed. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Banksy, he is a unanimous graffiti artist who portrays political messages accompanied with dark humor. Another artist who has been a major influence for me is known as Shepard Fairey. Most famously known for his Obey clothing company, Shepard Fairey was once an artist like me, exploring the world of street art and making a name for himself. The way in which I stumbled upon Shepard Fairey was by surfing YouTube regarding the topic wheat paste recipes. This was when I was new to making stickers and slaps and wanted to broaden my skills as an artist. I then came across a short documentary entitled, “Street Basics by Shepard Fairey”. This twenty minute documentary completely blew me away and opened my eyes to a whole new concept of street art. Both of these artists vary in their styles but produce mesmerizing messages to their viewers around the world. These two artists remind me each day of why I fell in love with street art and graffiti and why I continue to push myself to everyday.


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