What is Professionalism? Has It Changed?

Throughout the years, the meaning of professionalism has changed due to the rapid advancements being made in today’s society. My generation consists of the “digital age” in which we have access to a resource our ancestors did not have with that being the world wide web. Advancements made in technology have changed the way we behave and communicate with one another in the workplace. From what I have learned in this class professionalism is a specific style of behavior employees abide by in the workplace. This includes the employees personal values and beliefs as well as their professional roles they hold. However, what is considered to be professionalism in today’s day and era has changed. The main reason professionalism in the workplace has changed is due to technological advancements. In the past, businesses and companies did not have outside distractions that were contributed from wireless web devices. For example, some people rely on their phones in order to text, tweet or update statuses on social media outlets. To some business professionals, these are inappropriate behaviors that do not exhibit professionalism in the workplace. A recent study had been conducted regarding college graduates and there level of professionalism in the workplace. According to this study conducted by David Polk, “38.2 percent of respondents felt that less than half of new graduates exhibited professionalism in the workplace. Nearly a fourth said that professionalism in young workers had decreased, while more than 15 percent believed that it had increased”. This is just one example of how professionalism in the workplace has been impacted by the advancements made in today’s technology. I can personally relate to this study and how professionalism among my generation is decreasing in the work force. Many students constantly feel the need to have their smart devices on them at all times. I feel as though my generation as well as younger generations feel the constant need to be in contact with friends and family at all times. This is seen as a rude and unprofessional behavior especially when it is expressed while on the job. I believe our generation needs to understand the old concepts of professionalism and how to manage web usage in order to produce an effective and productive work environment.

If you would like more information regarding David Polk’s study regarding the changes of professionalism visit:



Steet Art & Graffiti: How Will They Aid My Future?

Throughout the duration of this semester my personal blog for this course covered my life path of Street Art and Graffiti. Within these blog posts I updated how this art movement is growing in the city I am from, Albuquerque, New Mexico, as well as highlighting my trials as an aspiring street artist. Both Street Art and Graffiti will aid my future tremendously for the career I wish to pursue. First off, if it was not for this art movement, I would not be who I am, nor would I have found what I am truly meant to do in life. I owe it all to the creativity Street Art and Graffiti offers to its audience. I have tried expressing myself through various mediums consisting of photography, poetry, and fulfilling an active lifestyle. This all aided some aspects of accomplishment but it truly did not express what I had locked inside. What I love about Street Art and Graffiti is its versatility in creativeness. This art form does not just address what it is stereotyped as, only appealing to rebellious acts and that it is all gang related. Street art and graffiti have both been known to address various concepts such as: political and religious views, portray ethnic and racial messages, and extreme creativity. I look to these two art forms as inspiration which constantly fuel my future aspirations and goals. Several major clothing brands such as Obey Clothing Company and Digital Threads Clothing, both originated from the art forms of street art and graffiti. I am sure many people wonder, “Where do street wear designers get their inspiration from?” and the answer is through art. In the future I wish to open a clothing brand/company that incorporates my work as a street artist. These two forms of art have open a hidden talent I posses in which I am so thankful I recently discovered. I continue to use these forms of art as inspiration to fuel my creativity as an artist and to develop pieces of art and clothing people have never seen before. These are just a few reasons why street art and graffiti fuel my creativity as an artist and make my dreams achievable.

How To Not Suck At Working Out

For this weeks commentary post I decided to look into Steve Kambs blog post on how to “Suck-Proof” your workout. I found this blog post to be very entertaining to read which also provided some great information on how to improve your own personal daily workout routines. Steve first starts off by suggesting the importance of a game plan prior to walking into the gym. This makes perfect sense. If you do not have an idea of what you are hitting that day or what exercises you wish to do, you will just be wasting your time. Another key point Steve addresses in this post is to make small goals for yourself each week. This is a technique I have been using since I began weight lifting 6 years ago. For example each week I attempt to improve what I bench pressed the previous week by adding 2-5 more pounds. Even though I may not be able to put in as many reps I did the previous week, I will be increasing my strength. Steve also addresses another key aspect of gym etiquette which is to “keep your eyes on the road”. To sum this concept up, do not lose sight of what you are doing in the gym. Do not take extended breaks or talk to everyone you know at the gym. Steve states, “Map out your route before you get in there, put in your headphones, keep your head down, take care of business, and get the hell out of there!”. I love this quote so much. The main point I live by and take away from this is to keep your head down and take care of business. I have been doing this since I started lifting. Whenever I run into friends at the gym they always tell me I never make eye contact with anyone and my conversations are short. This is because I am there for one reason and that is to workout. I take my fitness serious and only wish to improve myself. I really enjoyed reading Steve Kambs blog regarding fitness and how to improve your workouts.

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I have a fairly unique audience I wish to interact with in the near future after graduation. As I have stated in previous blog posts I wish to pursue a career in the field of art and design. I wish to begin my own clothing brand accompanied by my talented brother. I feel as though the type of clothing and art we have produced and will be creating in the near future is very unique. It sticks out from what people typically see on a regular basis. The products we produce reflect upon our own personal experiences that have not been the most positive. We produce pieces of art that appear to be projecting images of negative feelings such as sadness and sorrow. However, personally I feel as though these images portray messages of hope and the beauty of struggle. Throughout our trials of production we attempt to address major audiences. For example the majority of our customers and clients consist of college students here at the University of New Mexico. Our target audience has consumed the majority of our products consisting of stickers, t-shirts, hoodies, and bracelets. I feel that this is our general target audience since we have easy access to this crowd on a regular basis. Social media has helped out tremendously in making a name for our small business. We have accounts on the following social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, and Myspace. Our generation is so consumed with the world wide web and we must take full advantage of this in order to benefit from it. We continue to generate posts that promote the products we wish to sell in hopes to expand our audience. Another tactic I may administer into my social media usage is promotional deals and audience interaction. If it is one thing I have learned from this course it is to maintain a steady relationship with your audience. This will insure stability and networking of products. These are just a few reasons why audience is important for business and social media usage and how interaction is a key element.

How Music Will Aid My Future Goals

“Music has been there for me when no one else was and the only thing that stays when everyone else leaves”-Kid Cudi. This is a quote from my favorite rapper that has helped me get through all the good and bad times. Music has the ability to inspire and help people get through whatever life may throw at them. I personally tend to fall and rely on music whenever I am stressed, happy, or looking for a distraction from reality. Music has not only helped me cope with life and figure out who I am, but has also guided me through my creative side and craft my future goals. Music is about expression. Art is about expression. Four years ago I found my creative side through the combination of expressing what I felt lyrically through songs and portrayed it on the city walls and cracks. I am an aspiring Street Artist in hopes to make a bigger name for myself. I wish to create a clothing company with my brother designed around our unique creativity, life experiences, and passion for music. I owe my creativity to the ups and downs I have experienced but primarily to Music. Music is a tool I will continue to use to help fuel new ideas and concepts of art people have not seen before. The main thing I love about using music as a tool for my future goals is that it is versatile. I am a die hard fan of Pop-Punk, Rap, and Hip-Hop. This allows me to explore myself from different perspectives through these various genres of music. One thing I dislike about using music as a primary tool for inspiration is falling into ruts. I tend to over listen to songs and begin to lose vision of my goals. I look forward to bands and artists releasing new material. This gives me a complete boost and puts me back on track. If it was not for music I would not be who I am today. I believe music will help aid in my success and make my goals become even more achievable.

Over Training

It is good to be an active individual that partakes in a routine of physical exercise. I personally partake in daily workouts that consists of 2-3 hours involving both strength and endurance training. Sometimes it is difficult to tame my dedication to the gym and just simply take a break and allow my body to rest for a few days. I believe I over train my muscles and I know I am not the only person who falls under this category. According to Nicks blog, he makes several great points about over training and how it affects athletes psychological statuses. Nick states athletes tend to report feelings of negativity that consist of tension, depression and anger. According to the courses I have taken here at the University of New Mexico regarding personal and athletic training, these feelings are commonly reported from athletes. Nick also provides information regarding the training distress scale (TDS) that is specifically designed to address athletes psychological statuses during high amounts of training. Aside from these points Nick made about over training about athletes these feelings are also common among the average person who lives an active lifestyle. These feelings of negativity are also accompanied by the following behaviors and actions. 1) a decrease in performance. This may involve the reduction of speed as well as lower amounts of strength. 2) Lack of concentration. To much exercise and lack of rest/sleep may result in the inability to concentrate and fulfill daily tasks. 3) Insomnia and restlessness. Often times a body that has been over trained is sometimes unable to slow down and return to a relaxed physical state. This makes it difficult to recover and rest between workouts. These are just a few examples of what over training can do to the body physically and mentally. Nick provided great information in regards to how over training impacts athletes but some of these symptoms are present among active individuals.

Here is the link to Nicks Blog: http://exercisescience.tumblr.com/post/51075155924/overtraining-psychology

Social Media Usage: Vans vs Nike

The past few weeks I wrote on several organizations and bands I follow on social media. I touched on what I like and dislike about the usage of their social media accounts and how it impacts their intended audiences. The organization I follow on a daily basis is a clothing company/skate brand known as Vans Off The Wall. So my news feed on every social media account I have activated is filled with their posts. I would first like to discuss the social media usage of Vans then transition into how their competitors duke it out through the web. First off, the clothing company Vans is very active on all of their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Instagram, etc). Even though they are very active users I tend to see the majority of their posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As I have stated in previous posts, this company does a great job at uploading media and interacting with their audience. One of Vans biggest competitors is none other than Nike. Nike is known for their premier sports and athletic wear and is major sponsor for professional athletes. Nike is also active on social media having accounts such as Facebook and Instagram. This company does a great job at uploading media to their accounts and interacting with their audience. One thing I think Nike does better than Vans through social media is the versatility they apply to their accounts. They understand that each social media forum addresses different audiences through different forms of information and communication. They do a great job at tailoring their information to the standards viewers hold for these social media sites. From my personal experience of following both brands on social media, I feel as though Vans is slowly starting to understand this concept. For example I notice on Vans twitter account they sometimes tweet a skate link video to its audience. Even though the tweet is short (with the link included) it does not best suit the layout of twitter. I feel as though people would lose interest having to click on another link to see what all the hype is regarding this particular video. Nike on the other hand tailors videos to the layout of twitter. For example Nike may upload a vine of what video clip they are trying to share with their audience. This will allow their audience to view the video clip without having to navigate away from twitter and it only last six seconds. If they wish to see more they may then venture off and search for more information regarding the video. I feel that if Vans and other companies understand that each social media account was developed for a particular format and purpose, this will result in more positive outcomes.

Durango Gets A Taste of The 505

This year I have been very fortunate and have had the opportunity to travel out of New Mexico. This past week I traveled to the city of Durango, Colorado, with my family for vocational purposes. I have never traveled to Durango to stay and view the city so I was very excited to venture off and see what art its streets had to offer. Prior to leaving for Durango I made sure to prep my stickers and slaps as I usually do when I travel out of town. However, I was running low on supplies and could not take nearly as much stickers as I had wanted to. In order to make up for the lack of stickers, I wanted to do something different in this foreign city. As I previously stated when I travel to new cities or towns the majority of my work consists of throwing up stickers. I wanted this city to see a part of my art that I primarily only partake in here in Albuquerque. I decided to push myself and made some of my homemade wheat paste and took a large scale stencil I had been saving for an opportunity like this. When I arrived in Durango I stayed on the outskirts of town in a very nice rustic cabin. This was a nice location to view the beauty of nature but this left me far from the city. I was not able to wonder off into the city until the second day. Prior to visiting Durango, I did not think there would be much street art or graffiti due to it not being the major city of the state. To my surprise I was proven wrong. As I began my walk around the downtown area the streets were filled with stickers. I did my usual routine and threw up some of my stickers along the side of other artists who reside in this area. I spent about three hours walking around down town taking pictures of stickers and tags I had found on street lights, stop signs, and curbs. This was all very satisfying yet I wanted to find the “gold mine” of the city. I ended up taking off into the rural areas of the city in hopes to find what I was looking for. I walked several blocks along a bike path and finally hit the jackpot. The path lead to an underpass of a small bridge where nothing but tags and graffiti covered it from top to bottom. I posted the large scale stencil I had brought from home to add to the wonderful collection of art I had stumbled upon. I was happy to venture into this beautiful city of Durango and to offer it a little taste from the Duke City.

Interesting Social Media Forums

When it comes to viewing content on the web we all have our own personal preferences of the sites we choose to receive information and what medium of content we prefer. The majority of my friends use various sites such as Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter to gain information regarding breaking news and trending topics. Another site I constantly hear about for do it yourself infographs and  photos is a site known as Pinterest. I personally believe this website attracts an audience primarily dominated by a female population. For example my two sisters, cousins, and female friends all have a Pinterest account. They all tell me how much they love this social media outlet for various reasons. Some enjoy the food recipes it offers and the easy do it yourself tutorials for home makeovers. This social media forum is entirely based on visuals. I personally have a Pinterest account and lets just say it has been collecting dust since I activated it. The way in which I view content on this website does not attract nor maintain my personal interest. A website that I use daily for access to trending information and breaking news is a site known as Tumblr. This social media outlet is under the format of a blog and allows users to share photos, quotes, links, music, videos and text posts. So personally I prefer receiving information from a blog that offers more than one medium to comprehend data. There are several reasons why I love Tumblr and what it offers to its users. One reason is due to its unpredictable nature. I follow over 100 different blogs and each user is fairly unique in what they reblog. I view material such as content regarding police brutality, race inequality, gender discrimination and foreign affairs. These are just a few topics I get to read about daily. Another reason I really enjoy Tumblr is due to what I like to call the “fun” content. Things such as funny videos, pictures, and stories constantly fill my news feed and keep me entertained. I also like to use this site to keep up to date with bands that I follow in order to hear about new music or tour dates. This website also allows me to network myself and share my art work to viewers who prefer receiving information over this type of social media outlet. These are just some of my personal experiences and preferences when it comes to viewing content through social media.