Durango Gets A Taste of The 505

This year I have been very fortunate and have had the opportunity to travel out of New Mexico. This past week I traveled to the city of Durango, Colorado, with my family for vocational purposes. I have never traveled to Durango to stay and view the city so I was very excited to venture off and see what art its streets had to offer. Prior to leaving for Durango I made sure to prep my stickers and slaps as I usually do when I travel out of town. However, I was running low on supplies and could not take nearly as much stickers as I had wanted to. In order to make up for the lack of stickers, I wanted to do something different in this foreign city. As I previously stated when I travel to new cities or towns the majority of my work consists of throwing up stickers. I wanted this city to see a part of my art that I primarily only partake in here in Albuquerque. I decided to push myself and made some of my homemade wheat paste and took a large scale stencil I had been saving for an opportunity like this. When I arrived in Durango I stayed on the outskirts of town in a very nice rustic cabin. This was a nice location to view the beauty of nature but this left me far from the city. I was not able to wonder off into the city until the second day. Prior to visiting Durango, I did not think there would be much street art or graffiti due to it not being the major city of the state. To my surprise I was proven wrong. As I began my walk around the downtown area the streets were filled with stickers. I did my usual routine and threw up some of my stickers along the side of other artists who reside in this area. I spent about three hours walking around down town taking pictures of stickers and tags I had found on street lights, stop signs, and curbs. This was all very satisfying yet I wanted to find the “gold mine” of the city. I ended up taking off into the rural areas of the city in hopes to find what I was looking for. I walked several blocks along a bike path and finally hit the jackpot. The path lead to an underpass of a small bridge where nothing but tags and graffiti covered it from top to bottom. I posted the large scale stencil I had brought from home to add to the wonderful collection of art I had stumbled upon. I was happy to venture into this beautiful city of Durango and to offer it a little taste from the Duke City.


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