Interesting Social Media Forums

When it comes to viewing content on the web we all have our own personal preferences of the sites we choose to receive information and what medium of content we prefer. The majority of my friends use various sites such as Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter to gain information regarding breaking news and trending topics. Another site I constantly hear about for do it yourself infographs and  photos is a site known as Pinterest. I personally believe this website attracts an audience primarily dominated by a female population. For example my two sisters, cousins, and female friends all have a Pinterest account. They all tell me how much they love this social media outlet for various reasons. Some enjoy the food recipes it offers and the easy do it yourself tutorials for home makeovers. This social media forum is entirely based on visuals. I personally have a Pinterest account and lets just say it has been collecting dust since I activated it. The way in which I view content on this website does not attract nor maintain my personal interest. A website that I use daily for access to trending information and breaking news is a site known as Tumblr. This social media outlet is under the format of a blog and allows users to share photos, quotes, links, music, videos and text posts. So personally I prefer receiving information from a blog that offers more than one medium to comprehend data. There are several reasons why I love Tumblr and what it offers to its users. One reason is due to its unpredictable nature. I follow over 100 different blogs and each user is fairly unique in what they reblog. I view material such as content regarding police brutality, race inequality, gender discrimination and foreign affairs. These are just a few topics I get to read about daily. Another reason I really enjoy Tumblr is due to what I like to call the “fun” content. Things such as funny videos, pictures, and stories constantly fill my news feed and keep me entertained. I also like to use this site to keep up to date with bands that I follow in order to hear about new music or tour dates. This website also allows me to network myself and share my art work to viewers who prefer receiving information over this type of social media outlet. These are just some of my personal experiences and preferences when it comes to viewing content through social media.


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