Social Media Usage: Vans vs Nike

The past few weeks I wrote on several organizations and bands I follow on social media. I touched on what I like and dislike about the usage of their social media accounts and how it impacts their intended audiences. The organization I follow on a daily basis is a clothing company/skate brand known as Vans Off The Wall. So my news feed on every social media account I have activated is filled with their posts. I would first like to discuss the social media usage of Vans then transition into how their competitors duke it out through the web. First off, the clothing company Vans is very active on all of their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Instagram, etc). Even though they are very active users I tend to see the majority of their posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As I have stated in previous posts, this company does a great job at uploading media and interacting with their audience. One of Vans biggest competitors is none other than Nike. Nike is known for their premier sports and athletic wear and is major sponsor for professional athletes. Nike is also active on social media having accounts such as Facebook and Instagram. This company does a great job at uploading media to their accounts and interacting with their audience. One thing I think Nike does better than Vans through social media is the versatility they apply to their accounts. They understand that each social media forum addresses different audiences through different forms of information and communication. They do a great job at tailoring their information to the standards viewers hold for these social media sites. From my personal experience of following both brands on social media, I feel as though Vans is slowly starting to understand this concept. For example I notice on Vans twitter account they sometimes tweet a skate link video to its audience. Even though the tweet is short (with the link included) it does not best suit the layout of twitter. I feel as though people would lose interest having to click on another link to see what all the hype is regarding this particular video. Nike on the other hand tailors videos to the layout of twitter. For example Nike may upload a vine of what video clip they are trying to share with their audience. This will allow their audience to view the video clip without having to navigate away from twitter and it only last six seconds. If they wish to see more they may then venture off and search for more information regarding the video. I feel that if Vans and other companies understand that each social media account was developed for a particular format and purpose, this will result in more positive outcomes.


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