How Music Will Aid My Future Goals

“Music has been there for me when no one else was and the only thing that stays when everyone else leaves”-Kid Cudi. This is a quote from my favorite rapper that has helped me get through all the good and bad times. Music has the ability to inspire and help people get through whatever life may throw at them. I personally tend to fall and rely on music whenever I am stressed, happy, or looking for a distraction from reality. Music has not only helped me cope with life and figure out who I am, but has also guided me through my creative side and craft my future goals. Music is about expression. Art is about expression. Four years ago I found my creative side through the combination of expressing what I felt lyrically through songs and portrayed it on the city walls and cracks. I am an aspiring Street Artist in hopes to make a bigger name for myself. I wish to create a clothing company with my brother designed around our unique creativity, life experiences, and passion for music. I owe my creativity to the ups and downs I have experienced but primarily to Music. Music is a tool I will continue to use to help fuel new ideas and concepts of art people have not seen before. The main thing I love about using music as a tool for my future goals is that it is versatile. I am a die hard fan of Pop-Punk, Rap, and Hip-Hop. This allows me to explore myself from different perspectives through these various genres of music. One thing I dislike about using music as a primary tool for inspiration is falling into ruts. I tend to over listen to songs and begin to lose vision of my goals. I look forward to bands and artists releasing new material. This gives me a complete boost and puts me back on track. If it was not for music I would not be who I am today. I believe music will help aid in my success and make my goals become even more achievable.


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