I have a fairly unique audience I wish to interact with in the near future after graduation. As I have stated in previous blog posts I wish to pursue a career in the field of art and design. I wish to begin my own clothing brand accompanied by my talented brother. I feel as though the type of clothing and art we have produced and will be creating in the near future is very unique. It sticks out from what people typically see on a regular basis. The products we produce reflect upon our own personal experiences that have not been the most positive. We produce pieces of art that appear to be projecting images of negative feelings such as sadness and sorrow. However, personally I feel as though these images portray messages of hope and the beauty of struggle. Throughout our trials of production we attempt to address major audiences. For example the majority of our customers and clients consist of college students here at the University of New Mexico. Our target audience has consumed the majority of our products consisting of stickers, t-shirts, hoodies, and bracelets. I feel that this is our general target audience since we have easy access to this crowd on a regular basis. Social media has helped out tremendously in making a name for our small business. We have accounts on the following social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, and Myspace. Our generation is so consumed with the world wide web and we must take full advantage of this in order to benefit from it. We continue to generate posts that promote the products we wish to sell in hopes to expand our audience. Another tactic I may administer into my social media usage is promotional deals and audience interaction. If it is one thing I have learned from this course it is to maintain a steady relationship with your audience. This will insure stability and networking of products. These are just a few reasons why audience is important for business and social media usage and how interaction is a key element.


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