How To Not Suck At Working Out

For this weeks commentary post I decided to look into Steve Kambs blog post on how to “Suck-Proof” your workout. I found this blog post to be very entertaining to read which also provided some great information on how to improve your own personal daily workout routines. Steve first starts off by suggesting the importance of a game plan prior to walking into the gym. This makes perfect sense. If you do not have an idea of what you are hitting that day or what exercises you wish to do, you will just be wasting your time. Another key point Steve addresses in this post is to make small goals for yourself each week. This is a technique I have been using since I began weight lifting 6 years ago. For example each week I attempt to improve what I bench pressed the previous week by adding 2-5 more pounds. Even though I may not be able to put in as many reps I did the previous week, I will be increasing my strength. Steve also addresses another key aspect of gym etiquette which is to “keep your eyes on the road”. To sum this concept up, do not lose sight of what you are doing in the gym. Do not take extended breaks or talk to everyone you know at the gym. Steve states, “Map out your route before you get in there, put in your headphones, keep your head down, take care of business, and get the hell out of there!”. I love this quote so much. The main point I live by and take away from this is to keep your head down and take care of business. I have been doing this since I started lifting. Whenever I run into friends at the gym they always tell me I never make eye contact with anyone and my conversations are short. This is because I am there for one reason and that is to workout. I take my fitness serious and only wish to improve myself. I really enjoyed reading Steve Kambs blog regarding fitness and how to improve your workouts.

If you would like to read more, here is the link to Steve’s Blog:


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