Steet Art & Graffiti: How Will They Aid My Future?

Throughout the duration of this semester my personal blog for this course covered my life path of Street Art and Graffiti. Within these blog posts I updated how this art movement is growing in the city I am from, Albuquerque, New Mexico, as well as highlighting my trials as an aspiring street artist. Both Street Art and Graffiti will aid my future tremendously for the career I wish to pursue. First off, if it was not for this art movement, I would not be who I am, nor would I have found what I am truly meant to do in life. I owe it all to the creativity Street Art and Graffiti offers to its audience. I have tried expressing myself through various mediums consisting of photography, poetry, and fulfilling an active lifestyle. This all aided some aspects of accomplishment but it truly did not express what I had locked inside. What I love about Street Art and Graffiti is its versatility in creativeness. This art form does not just address what it is stereotyped as, only appealing to rebellious acts and that it is all gang related. Street art and graffiti have both been known to address various concepts such as: political and religious views, portray ethnic and racial messages, and extreme creativity. I look to these two art forms as inspiration which constantly fuel my future aspirations and goals. Several major clothing brands such as Obey Clothing Company and Digital Threads Clothing, both originated from the art forms of street art and graffiti. I am sure many people wonder, “Where do street wear designers get their inspiration from?” and the answer is through art. In the future I wish to open a clothing brand/company that incorporates my work as a street artist. These two forms of art have open a hidden talent I posses in which I am so thankful I recently discovered. I continue to use these forms of art as inspiration to fuel my creativity as an artist and to develop pieces of art and clothing people have never seen before. These are just a few reasons why street art and graffiti fuel my creativity as an artist and make my dreams achievable.


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