Awareness: Maintain a Clean Online Reputation

Every individual more than likely has a social media account whether it is on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, or Instagram. Even high status professionals such as celebrities, athletes, and local congressmen all have some sort of social media account. In some cases they may face threats to their overall online reputation. I believe it is critical to maintain a management strategy in order to prevent negative face value. My rule of thumb when it comes to posting any material online is to first think of the message you are trying to relay to your audience. I use this technique on the regular, since I am an artist and post the majority of my work through my social media accounts. I tend to think: 1) What am I going to post and why? 2)What potential messages, negative or positive, will my viewers receive? 3) How will this affect me in the long run?. These are just a few questions I ask myself prior to posting images or updating statuses on my social media accounts. I have found that maintaining a clean face with your intended audience on social media will not only protect you from criticism but will also market and advertise yourself. For example, some of the pieces I have composed produce numerous amounts of interest among my audience. As a result my audience networks me, tagging friends and family members in my posts. This has helped build my target audience and reputation I would like to have as an artist. Another tactic professionals should use when posting on social media is to refrain from deleting offensive or negative material. Even though I have not posted anything like this on my accounts, this is one major component I have learned in this course. Instead of deleting what is seen as negative or offensive, professionals should create and update positive content that may help them overcome the negativity. This will allow their audience to understand the mistake they have made and how they are attempting to implement ways of change into their work. Overall these are just a few concepts of social media management I have learned throughout the duration of this course. I strongly recommend anyone who posts regularly on social media to follow these key concepts in order to prevent negative feedback.


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