Fitness Plateaus

Anyone who pursues a lifestyle of being physically active, whether it be in the gym or through various outdoor activities, have all experienced what is known as a plateau. This week I reviewed another blog post from Steve Kamb regarding fitness plateaus. Steve raises several good points on what a plateau is and how to combat this process when it occurs. According to Steve a plateau occurs when, “you stall out on progress despite continuing to do “all of the right things,” usually including eating right, exercising properly, getting adequate rest, etc.” I personally hit plateaus when it comes to the goals I hold for myself physically. There are just days when I feel unmotivated to push myself in the gym. As a result this is a waste of a workout and time. According to Steve, one way to rise above a plateau is by setting small personal goals each day. This is a concept I have been practicing regularly for the past few years. For example, when I go to the gym each day I plan in my head what lifts I would like to accomplish in order to continue making gains. Whenever I abide to to the workouts I have in mind, this leaves me with feelings of success and accomplishment. Another suggestion Steve had was to switch up your routines at the gym. I tend to follow the same workout routine, hitting the same muscle groups, lifts, and having the same rest days each week. A result of doing the same thing over and over, it allows our body to become more efficient at that activity. Whenever I hit a plateau due to repetitiveness, I start my workouts by doing a lift I do not usually start off with or I am unfamiliar with. This allows me to experience new workouts and how I can implement them into my routine.  One of the final pointers Steve leaves us with is to realize we have bad days/weeks at the gym. I could not agree more with him. Life and its stressors can catch up to us leaving us unable to fully focus on what we are trying to achieve in the gym. When this happens Steve suggests that we give it our all on days we feel great and not so much on our down days. I personally do not agree with this statement. When I was a kid I remember always telling myself, “Whenever you have bad days or don’t feel like doing it, these are the days that count. You need to push yourself harder”. By doing this, we not only push our bodies physically but we also build mental strength and endurance. Overall I really enjoyed Reading Steve Kamb’s post regarding Fitness plateaus and how to counter them. 

For more information on Steve’s Blog regarding Fitness Plateaus visit:


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